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Hello & Welcome to our Podcast! We live in the Metro area of Minnesota, lovingly referred to as "The Twin Cities". We enjoy arts, culture, sport, music, food & living life to the fullest. Always looking to learn & try new things, & definitely ready to sit down & discuss; our goal is to bring you the topics you're interested in, with a kinder approach! Come & Visit with us! 

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G’day all! Thank you for taking the time to come to our site. I’m an Australian born of Latino roots but have been living in Minnesota for the past 20 years. I’m happily married to Sarita & I'm father to the most lovely children. When not podcasting, you can find me enjoying the company of my better half, family/friends & our two fur babies. I am passionate about social & political issues as well as history.



Hello all, glad to meet you. I come to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've lived in Minnesota for much of my life, mostly on the Iron Range & in the metro for the last 9 years. I have five lovely children, (4 of my own, & one I acquired through marriage!) all grown now. I'm married to Devante, & we have two little Chihuahuas whom we adore so much.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books, writing all kinds of blogs, & when I'm not in a creative space, I like a bit of trash tv. Feel free to go check out some of my writing HERE, & thanks for stopping by! 

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