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The Episodes

We did it! We've started Season 1 of our Podcast, and you can find the episodes here! Thank you so much for listening, it means the world to us. Please let us know if there is anything YOU would like to hear, tell us what we are doing right, and let us know if we need to switch things up. Thanks for listening- let's visit! 

Upcoming Episodes HERE!

Parallel Lines

Upcoming Episodes


"Mental Health Check"

Pop-Up Episode with Caitlin is here!

We sit down and discuss a topic that needs attention, a subject that everyone needs to normalize talking about....

Released: 3/14/23

Trigger Warning: Suicide Prevention

Coming Soon

Heading to the gym? Got questions? We've got answers! Well, we don't, but Anthony does! 

 "All Access Gym Pass with Anthony" on deck!

Scheduled: 3/30/23


Waiting in the Wings...

There are some subjects that just might sound... "fantastical," but where there's smoke, there's fire we say. 

"The Lost Empire" 

is going to be a fun one!

Let's Discuss!

"The Happy Episode"

 Let's talk about things that are uplifting, encouraging, surprising, and heart-warming. We bring you news, snippets, and stories from people that will make you smile. 

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